Free Shipping on all orders! The device is used with a surface grinder. The adjustable design provides an efficient means of sharpening a variety of metal cutting tools, including two, three, four,  six and eight flute end mills (primary and secondary angle – drills primary angle only), countersinks, counterbores, reamers, taps and drills. It can also make forms tools (four flute carbide). Collets and block not included.

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Product Description

Features a 4 x 4-5/8-inch square by 1/2-inch thick base plate: extending vertically from its short edge. Our sharpener is 4-inch square by 1/2-inch plate; specifically and would be secured in place via counter-sunk machine screws and would be canted inwards at a slight angle; pivotally mounted towards the center of the inner side of this upright would be a 3-1/2 inch diameter by 1/2-inch thick plate; includes a system of adjustment holes and a recessed curved slot for a set screw; extending inwards from its opposite side would be a support fixture for a 5C collet fitted with the tool to be sharpened; this would consist of a flat bar section tipped with an inward and axially oriented extension that would be tipped with a transverse clamping screw assembly; diamond for dress wheel. O’Ring for protection from dust. Dowel pins for point contact to keep the nest clean.

Uses include sharpening: Forms, End mills, Counterbore, Countersink, Taps, Reamer, Drills, Makes form end mills, and plus other uses.